HYDREMA-BALTECH is involved in design and construction of systems for domestic or industrial waste water treatment.

Results in accordance to EU regulations

• COMPACT Autonomous package treatment plants for municipal and industrial effluents

• Municipal wastewater

• Industrial effluents

• Farm wastes

• Agricultural wastes

To meet the technical and business goals of its clients, HYDREMA-BALTECH offers practical, cost-effective solutions that keep in step with regulations and are at the forefront of current environmental technologies.

• Pollution Control (Air, Liquid, Solids, Earth)
• Industrial Wastewater Treatment
• Sewage Collection & Treatment
• Irrigation
• Water Supply & Treatment
• Solids Wastes Management
• Environmental Impact Studies
• Flood Protection
• Runoff Collection & Control
• Port & Marina Design
• Shore Erosion Control
• Small Dam Design
• Small Hydroelectric Plant Design
• Structural Design
• Resort Development
• Construction Management
• Quality Control
• Quantity Measurement
• Value Analysis (Land, Building)
• Arbitration
• Mapping GIS, GPS